Gates CSS Holiday Party!

December 7th, 2022

No speakers, no mini-show, just lots of FUN, FUN, FUN and camaraderie at our annual end of the year holiday celebration!

With this year coming to an end, let us all be grateful that we were able to return to live, in-person meetings after almost two years. What better way to appreciate our good fortune than to celebrate with each other at this month’s annual holiday party. This will be a potluck dinner event, so don’t forget to bring your volunteer food dish. Turkey, ham and drinks will be provided by the club, but please don’t hesitate to bring any special food or beverage that you may desire. Please arrive by 6 PM as we would like to start the festivity as soon as all preparations are ready and in place. The evening will include music, award presentation, live entertainment performance, and a souvenir gift for each member.

Remember, the hours are a little different for this even. Be sure to be there by 6:30 so you don’t miss out!

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