President’s Message: December, 2022

Last month’s field trip to the Coachella Valley/Palm Springs was absolutely wonderful. The weather couldn’t have been any better with the crispy cool morning air accompanied by a pleasantly warm sunny afternoon. The Living Desert had many new additions and improvements to gardens and animal exhibits. This zoo/garden is always worth a day’s visit, so I hope everyone gets a chance to visit it in the future, if you haven’t had the chance yet. Thank you to the thirty-one members and guests who enjoyed the trip with us. We look forward to having future trips to different and new succulent explorations. Your input and recommendation for other excursions is always welcomed.

As the new year approaches, you may renew your 2023 club membership at this time. Membership dues will remain the same for next year at $20 per member/member family. The renewal application is available online through the club’s website where you can also print the application and send your renewal fee by mail directly to the treasurer. Please do not make any renewal transactions at this month’s holiday party as we will all be busy enjoying the festivity.

The monthly mini plant show list for 2023 is now available on our website and in this newsletter. This will assist you in preparing your plants for the appropriate month to participate. Thank you to the members who showed their plants during this past year. High point winners for 2022 will be announced at the holiday party, so don’t miss this either.

Congratulations to Jeff Loew and Kris Leigh for being elected as Board Directors for the club. I want to recognize Karen Roholt with deepest appreciation as a past-Board Director. Karen is no stranger to the club as she has volunteered and served the club in so many capacities and responsibilities throughout the years. Thank you, Karen!

With this year coming to an end, let us all be grateful that we were able to return to live, in-person meetings after almost two years. What better way to appreciate our good fortune than to celebrate with each other at this month’s annual holiday party. This will be a potluck dinner event, so don’t forget to bring your volunteer food dish. Turkey, ham, and drinks will be provided by the club, but please don’t hesitate to bring any special food or beverage that you may desire. Please arrive by 6 PM as we would like to start the festivity as soon as all preparations are ready and in place. The evening will include music, award presentation, live entertainment performance, and souvenir gift for each member.

I want to thank each of you, our club members, for your incredible support and enthusiasm throughout this past year. Your participation and involvement is the reason why we all look forward to club meetings and activities. Your love for succulents reminds us all of why we love Gates CSS. Enjoy the most of this holiday season with your family and friends. Keep the best of your health into the new year.

See you next week!

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