Newman Achievement Award

The Hazelle and Davis Newman Achievement Award is given annually by Gates CSS to a person or couple who have served the Gates Cactus and Succulent Society with contributions of time and talent and that have not been previously honored.

Nominations for the Newman Achievement Award must be submitted in writing to either the club president or Open Gates newsletter editor before the January meeting. Nominations are published in the Open Gates newsletter and voted on at the February meeting.

Past Recipients

Congratulations to our past award recipients.
Thank you so much for your outstanding service and contributions to the Gates Cactus and Succulent Society.

John & Ann Reynolds (2020)
Phuc Huynh (2016)
Tony Marino (2013)
Don & Mary Alice McGrew (2012)
Yvonne Hemenway (2011)
Mike Green (2010)
Joella Olson (2009)
Frank Nudge (2008)
Bob Laughlin (2007)
Chris & Karen Roholt (2006)
Eva Dye (2005)
Buck Hemenway (2004)
Helen & Bernie Teunissen (2003)
Lois Utter (2002)
Dennis Kucera (2001)
Janet Burnham & Judy Horne (2000)
Kimberly & Barry Urman (1999)
Amber Jones (1998)
Helen Hughes (1997)
Ric & Marilyn Newcomer (1996)
Howard Craig (1995)
Diane Park (1994)
Joe Gardner (1993)
Peggy Parks (1992)
Doris Lutz (1991)
Dagmar Hert (1990)
Joe Casey (1989)
Edith Crinklaw (1988)
Eleanore Pounds (1987)
Leo & Lillian Pickoff (1986)
Joe Casey (1985)
Mel Parks (1984)
Sylvia Gould (1983)
Brig. Will Mollet (1982)
Gonah Schreckengast (1981)
Marian Bell (1980)
Joyce Tate (1979)
Helen Herman (1978)
Davis Newman (1977)
Col. J.W. Dennison (1976)

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