July Newsletter – 2022




Welcome to the official start of the summer season when we see the remarkable resilience of succulent plants in full survival mode.  This does not mean that all succulents will be able to handle the extreme heat as well as we would presume.  Most hardy semi-mature to mature cacti will do well with the direct sunlight exposure, especially those that have already been established in the ground for some time.  Cacti and non-cacti such as Ferocactus, Echinocactus, Parodia, Agave, many Gymnocalycium, Echinocereus, Echinopsis, Opuntias, some Aloe (aloe trees), most columnar/cereus genus, and some Euphorbias will thrive in this heat as it is their growing season where they will actively grow and continue to flower multiple times over the next 3-4 months.  Please remember to water them intermittently throughout the summer.  They will greatly appreciate the watering so they won’t look too shaggy and worn out from desiccation.

As for most non-cactus succulents, a good rule of thumb is you should avoid placing them in direct sunlight exposure.  Give them some morning sun exposure or secure them under partial shaded coverings such as 50% shade clothes.  The amount of water and fertilizer nourishment that each plant requires will depend on the specific genus and species.  Please consult with other growers, hobbyists, nursery professionals to assist you with more information.  Ask our seasoned members at the meeting for tips on growing your specific succulent.

Another great source for growing tips is at a cactus/succulent show and sale event.  You already know about the CSSA annual event returning to the Huntington Garden the first weekend in July.  Why stop there?  Go to the biggest cactus/succulent show and sale event, AKA the Inter-City Cactus/Succulent Show and Sale.  This will return to the L.A. County Arboretum in its full glory.  Complete details for the plant show entry and plant sale is available on the club’s website.  This show has the distinguished designation as the biggest cactus and succulent show/sale for the obvious reason- it’s huge!

Thank you everyone who brought some goody snacks/edibles to share during our meeting break.  July has another reason to celebrate as it is the birthday for our very own Gates Cactus and Succulent Society.  Please come to the meeting and share your laughs and memories of the club through the years.  Happy 63rd birthday, Gates CSS!  I’m sure Howard is looking down on us, joyous as he can be, knowing that the club will continue on for many more years in his honor.

See you at the July meeting,  Phuc

JULY SPEAKER – TOM GLAVICH                                           

Tom Glavich is a long time grower of succulent plants.  He is one of the co-chairs of the Inter-City Cactus and Succulent show held every August at the LA Arboretum.  He has been a member of the Board of Directors of the Cactus and Succulent Society of America, and is the author of two CSSA books on Succulent plants.      


Euphorbias are a world wide genus of plants with members on every continent except Antarctica.  This talk will take a look at the Euphorbias from four geographically distinct areas, South Africa, Madagascar, North Africa and North America.  The plants from these four regions are structurally different, and have different pollinators, but are all Euphorbias.  

We will also take a quick view at cultivation and preparation of plants for show.  Finally we will look at a few Euphorbias in Gardens and habitat.


Echinopsis and Stem Succulent Euphorbias

Bring your best plants to enter in the Mini-Show!  There are 3 categories of entries:  Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced.  Points are calculated during the year with the winners announced in December.  The entire year Mini-Show plant list  is available at www.gatescactusandsucculentsociety.com.

Mini Show July – Echinopsis and Stem Succulent Euphorbias – Some pictures:


June 4 & 5SAN DIEGO CSS SUMMER SHOW & SALE Balboa Park, Room 101, San Diego CA Info: 858 382 1797 Click to see more information
June 10 & 11LOS ANGELES CSS SHOW & SALE June 10th from 6 to 8:30 PM June 11th from 9 to 2:30 PM Click for more information
July 1 – 3CSSA ANNUAL SHOW & SALE *** RESERVATIONS REQUIRED Huntington Botanical Gardens, 1151 Oxford Rd, San Marino, CA Plant Sale July 1-3, 10A to 5P, Show open July 2 & 3, 10A to 5P Info Call: 626 405 3504
July 22 & 23ORANGE COUNTY CSS SUMMER SALE July 22, Noon to 6P, July 23, 9A to 4P1000 S State College Bl (Anaheim Methodist Church), Anaheim Info: 949 212 8417 Click to see more information
  August 5 – 736TH ANNUAL INTERCITY SHOW & SALE *** RESERVATIONS REQUIRED LA County Arboretum, 301 N. Baldwin Av, Arcadia, CA Plant Sales 9 to 5 Daily, Show on Aug. 6 & 7 from 9 to 5Info call: 626 821 3222 Click to see more information
October 22 & 23PALOMAR CSS FALL SHOW AND SALE Tentatively Saturday 9 to 5P & Sunday 10A to 3:San Diego Botanic Garden, 230 Quail Gardens Dr, Encinitas, CA Email for more information:  EventCoordinatior@palomarcactus.org


We welcome your comments, suggestions or questions.  Our monitored Gates email address is: Gatescactusandsucculent@gmail.com or feel free to contact an officer below:

PresidentPhuc Huynh909 910 9145
Vice PresidentJohn Reynolds909 767 5606
SecretaryBarbara Croonquist909 731 1587
TreasurerJo Ann Crabtree909 633 6934
Board MemberJeff Loew330 986 6313
Board MemberRene Hernandez909 875 3607
Board MemberKaren Roholt951 897 2220
Board MemberAnn Reynolds909 987 5706.

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