President’s Message: November, 2022

We finally got some good amount of measurable rainfall during the previous two to three weeks. I hope that was a great relief for many of you who haven’t had the chance or time to water your garden and plants. It is also a wonderful sight to see the aloes and other winter succulents starting to revive themselves from their summer dormancy.

Daylight is becoming less and super warm days are turning into cooler nights. Despite the sunny 80 to 90 degrees afternoon, our summer succulents are decreasing their metabolism and growth. As they initiate their winter dormancy, remember to cut back on your watering and fertilizing. Some may even require very little watering or even complete water avoidance for the next hand-full of months.

As for November, we have many activities lined up for the club. Please attend the November meeting for our annual club election of Board Directors. Two positions will need to be filled. There are several nominees on the ballot and you can also make nominations from the floor at the meeting.

The club needs your vote. Your vote counts! The club’s Palm Spring field trip is scheduled on Saturday, November 12th. We will have important updates for everyone planning on attending. Please rsvp at this month’s meeting if you haven’t already done so last month. There is still room available for you to attend this succulent excursion.

The last few months of the year are usually associated with holidays and celebrations. No one needs reminding of how the last two years have disrupted normal traditions. We are all grateful to be back with the live club meetings and other in-person activities. That’s what makes this year’s celebration more meaningful. The annual club holiday dinner is quickly approaching, and we will finalize all the details with everyone regarding the potluck.

Please come to the meeting and rsvp. Oh yeah, let’s also enjoy this month’s speaker presentation.

See you next week!


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