President’s Message: September, 2022

Howdy! I hope everyone is staying cool and dry from the unusually prolonged hot and humid summer monsoon weather that’s been present for the last month or so. It’s amazing that despite putting up with the heat, now we also have to deal with the sticky moist air. For people with respiratory health issues, this makes it even harder for them to breathe. For our succulent plants, most of them should do well with the humidity- that’s because there hasn’t been much, if any, summer rain. Their soil is still dry, unless you’ve been watering them. Depending on where you are, some of you may have experienced these quick summer showers from heaven. Just remember to water your plants accordingly.

I also hope that you enjoyed Kelly Griffin’s talk last month and learned something about plant exploration. It was super informative to see how a professional nursery nurtures and expands their succulent collection for the purpose of not only to propagate plants for sale, but to also provide the inspiration to hybridize and create new ones. Clone tissue growth is the secret to mass-production of plants for commercial purposes. It’s amazing how long it takes to develop new succulent hybrids. We can only wait to see more of Kelly’s creation and hopefully add it to our succulent collection soon.

Speaking of collecting plants, specifically succulents, this month’s talk is exactly that! Gunnar Eisel will join us for an evening with a unique talk on the history of succulent. He will first give a brief history and background of our club, Gates Cactus & Succulent Society. Then he will share a unique perspective on the origin and journey of collecting cacti and succulents. How did it start? Who or where did it start? Why collect? And perhaps just as important, where is this hobby of fascination with succulents heading?

Don’t forget about the Huntington’s 39th Annual Succulent Plants Symposium returning on September 3, 2022. Tickets are still available at Have a memorable and wonderful Labor Day weekend celebrating and recognizing the social and economic achievements of American workers. Thank you

See you at the meeting!

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One thought on “President’s Message: September, 2022

  1. Today is September 8, 2022. Why would I be getting this September newsletter today? It is announcing the Gates Cactus Club meeting that was held on Sept 7th, yesterday? And Huntington’s Succulent Plant Symposium, to be held September 3rd, 5 days ago.


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