President’s Letter – May, 2022

I hope you had a memorable and enjoyable time at last month’s meeting re-connecting with the Hemenways.  The reunion brought back many other past members whom we have not seen in a long while.  We hope to see more of you soon.  Buck and Yvonne greatly appreciated our hospitality and reminiscing on past memories and new experiences with everyone.  They are continuing on with their home-coming trip in the Pacific Northwest and we thank them for visiting us and wish them a safe trip.

This month’s speaker has also traveled from a far distance to visit us.  Stefan Burger will make his United States trek from Chile and he will speak at multiple clubs’ meetings during the month.  He will present his talk on the Copiapoa for the club.  As a naturalist and a researcher, Stefan is another well-known cactus-lover in the CSSA community and has been a speaker at a previous CSSA Convention.  It’s rare to get one international speaker to visit any club during their monthly meeting, but our club is fortunate to have two different international speakers visiting us in two consecutive months.  Please welcome Stefan and extend to him all of the Inland Empire hospitality.  

As we make those last-minute preparations for the annual plant sale on Mother’s Day weekend, the Board and I want to express our gratitude in advance to the members who have already volunteered so much of their time thus far.  We can still use more help during the two-day sale so please consider sharing some of your time.  Please let me know when you can help out.  We, as a club, will benefit tremendously from hosting this community event where everyone can enjoy what we all love most- cactus and succulents.  

Thank you to the members who have brought their plants to the mini show.  We hope to see more plants at future meeting.  Plus you get bragging rights for your winning plant.  If you have a plant(s) that you don’t know the name or would like more information on the plant, just bring the plant to the meeting and we can help identify it and provide more details.  See ya real soon…

Phuc Huynh

President, Gates Cactus and Succulent Society

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