Wentworth Norton Villas: Spring Art & Garden Party

Wentworth Norton Villas
Saturday, April 23rd, 2022 11 am-2pm PST
10766 Crafton Avenue
Redlands, CA, 92374
Free to Attend!
Phone: 424-331-3079
More: wentworthnorton.org

Wentworth Norton Group and GCSS member Dr. Rosabel Young is proudly hosting a small initial Springtime art and garden party at her Wentworth Norton Villas in Redlands California. The gardens will be open to the public over the Redlands Bicycle Classic weekend for the first time in a while and it offers a peaceful respite in the middle of a 5-acre orange grove from the inevitable downtown traffic jam.

Who are they?

The Wentworth Norton Group, Inc. is a USA-registered 501(c)3 Non-Profit Corporation, with DBA Centro Cultural Montjuic in Barcelona, Spain. Since its establishment by Dr. Rosabel Young and David Hampton in 2016, the Wentworth Norton Group has been helping persons with Brain Disease including Epilepsy, Trauma, Immune, Toxic/ Metabolic, and other conditions affecting brain health and general well-being.

Many lectures and programs are provided that are focused on helping persons with brain injury and disease, mainly adults, but also acquired conditions in children. The event will be a fundraising event to mainly benefit these ongoing programs and the group also hopes to promote local charities and businesses in the area while doing so. Feel free to stop by and ask Rosabel about what she does every day as a Clinical Neurologist!

The group is connected to and supported by many artists and galleries, mainly in Barcelona, Spain where a physical gallery exists. The Spring Art & Garden Exhibit will feature prints and art from around the world that are sent to Dr. Young royalty free including sculptures and many other mediums of art. Contact info for the 100 or so artists that will be showcased is provided at the show for free.

Event link: https://wentworthnorton.org/event/wentworth-norton-villas-spring-art-and-garden-exhibit/

The garden already has a rich variety of cacti and succulents to enjoy and possibly purchase to help the non-profit. Or, just visit and enjoy the experience:

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