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January 2022


Welcome to a New Year 2022!  We look forward to an exciting return of the club’s monthly meeting in person.  As we get together to celebrate our fascination for succulents, we must continue to practice all health safety protocols to protect each other.  There will be some adjustments at the meeting to help facilitate these protocols.  Seats will be placed further apart to practice social distancing.  Please avoid or minimize congregating in large groups for an extended time period.  A Mask covering the nose and mouth must be worn while indoors at all times.  There will be no food or drinks available during the meeting but you may bring and consume your own outside of the facility.

With the return of our meeting so too is the return of the monthly mini plant show.  Barry Urman will continue as the mini show head judge.  The monthly plant list for 2022 is included in this mailing.  January will feature white-spined Mammillaria for cactus plant and Aeonium, Sedum, and Sempervivum for succulent plant.  Please consider entering your plants to share with the club.  Several club members will be selling their plants so bring your wallet for some shopping.

Our speaker for January 2022 will be Gary Duke and he will be presenting an educational talk on “What is a Cactus?”  This topic will help us better understand and how to identify our cactus.  You can read Gary’s bio here.

As we anticipate coming back to a live meeting, the club should consider selecting a fellow member for the Hazelle Newman Achievement Award.  This recognition is for an individual who has made significant contributions to the Society over a period of time.  You can submit your nomination in writing to me or to any Board member before February 2022’s monthly meeting.  The club will vote at the February meeting. 

I nominate Jo Ann Crabtree for consideration of this award.  She has consistently been an active member engaging in and supporting all club activities.  Jo Ann has managed the club’s treasury and all of its duties since 2017; she has helped establish the club’s independent 501(c)(3) non-profit organization status; and she has been an integral part of the club’s annual plant sale success.  Throughout the current challenging health pandemic, Jo Ann has helped the club remain viable and important.

We hope to see many familiar faces and hopefully new guests at the live meeting this January.  It will be time to renew your annual membership as well.  We ask that everyone be flexible and adjust accordingly as the current situation may continue to evolve on a daily basis.

All of us on the Board wish each of you a safe, healthy and prosperous New Year!



January 5th Speaker – Gary Duke Presentation Overview:

“What Kind of Cactus Is It?”  – Gary Duke believes that anyone interested in cacti ought to be able to determine what genus a cactus plant belongs to just by examining it and looking for a few telltale signs. What do you look for? Come, learn and find out. If you know the genus, then you have a clue to the growth characteristics and flowers a plant will have.  You will know if someone switched the name tags at your favorite box store.  This is a tutorial on many of the small globular cacti families and their identifying characteristics – will it be tall or short and squat, will it have big or small flowers, is it from North America or South America. If you don’t like cacti, well he has lots of pictures of pretty cactus flowers to look at. Come and learn!

Note:  Gary Duke’s bio


2022 Mini Show Plant List:

JANUARYWhite Spined MammillariaAeonium, Sedum, Sempervivum
FEBRUARYRebutia, Sulco, WeingartiaRosette (smaller than 10” diam)
MARCHCA, NV, AZ NativesPelargonium, Monsonia
APRILGymnocalyciumSucculent Bromeliad
MAYBest Staged CactiBest Staged Succulent
JULYEchinopsisStem Succulent Euphorbias
AUGUSTNorth American  ColumnarsLithops
SEPTEMBERCrested, Monstrose, VariegatesCrested, Monstrose,Variegates 
OCTOBEROpuntiadeaeStapelia, Huernia
Dead Plant


2022 Membership Dues:

It’s that pesky membership renewal time again!  You will find the 2022 Membership Form linked online for your convenience.  Please print and complete this form before coming to the meeting to save yourself some time!  If we are not going to see you in person this month, you can mail it, along with the check, to the address on the form.   Thanks, everyone!


January 5 General Meeting Raffle:

Remember that with the start of our in-person meetings, comes the chance to buy that winning raffle ticket!  Please, if you have any groomed and rooted plants you would like to donate to the raffle table, be sure to bring them to the meeting.  Donations from our membership are always welcome.  Vendors that sell at the meeting are required to donate one item to the raffle table as well.

Club Members with a badge … Remember to wear your badge to get a free ticket to win a prize in the badge only raffle drawing!

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